BHQplus® Probes

As with MGB probes, BHQplus probes form highly stable duplexes with DNA targets allowing shorter probes to be used for hybridization-based assays. Due to their shortened lengths, BHQplus probes achieve an enhanced target specificity making them ideal for SNP discrimination.

BHQplus probes combine the power of a short, high-fidelity probe with the proven quenching versatility of a non-fluorescent quencher, the BHQ® (Black Hole Quencher®) dye. When paired with a FAM, TET, CAL Fluor® Orange 560, CAL Fluor Red 610, or Quasar® 670 dye, these small and highly discriminatory dual labeled, fluorescence-quenched probes are suitable for SNP genotyping and allelic discrimination assays.

Designing BHQplus SNP genotyping assays is easy and uncomplicated with our free, web-based, program—RealTimeDesign™ software. Input your DNA sequence or NCBI accession number and let RealTimeDesign software design your assays. Simply review the suggestions and when you’re satisfied, place your order online. Visit our RealTimeDesign software to design your next probe-based SNP genotyping assay.

The following dyes and quenchers are available:

Common Fluorophores

  • FAM
  • TET

Proprietary Fluorophores

  • CAL Fluor Orange 560
  • CAL Fluor Red 610
  • Quasar 670


  • BHQ-1
  • BHQ-2

If you would like to order BHQplus probes please send an e-mail to  

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