Oligos in Plates


Oligos in plates are the perfect format if you need a large number of oligos. 


Synthesis Scale Min. Yield OD (normalized) Length
40 nmol 2 OD (10 nmol) 15 - 40 bases
  • Shipped within 4-5 business days
  • Minimum of 48 oligos per plate
  • Oligo length 15-40
  • Shipped in a normalized and lyophilized format
  • Shipped in 96 wells format
  • Unmodified
  • Purified by RP-FCP (Reverse Phase Fast Cartridge Purification)

icon oligos plates (4)

Plate Delivery

All oligos, including modified and non-modified product can be delivered in plate format.

The oligos are delivered lyophilized and normalized in 96-well plates.

Contact eu@biosearchtech.com for information on ordering.