Purification and Oligo Yield

We offer different purification options, to remove the failure sequences and various types of cleaved protection groups, naturally generated during the synthesis and modification of synthetic oligonucleotides.

RP-FCP (Reverse Phase Fast Cartridge Purification)

Unmodified oligos <50 bases are purified by RP-FCP. The purification uses the DMT group in the 5’ end to capture the oligonucleotide on a solid support matrix. Failure sequences without the DMT group are flushed out along with the protection groups from the deprotection reaction. Finally, the DMT is cleaved of the oligonucleotide and it is then eluted from the support.

The final product is free of salt. This is a superior purification method compared to traditional ethanol precipitation.

RP-HPLC (Reverse-Phase - High Performance Liquid Chromatography)

In RP-HPLC oligos are separated, based on their hydrophobic character. RP-HPLC purification is necessary for oligos ˃50 bases and for oligos < 50 that contains modifications.

Guaranteed yields

Guaranteed yield in OD units for unmodified DNA oligonucleotides longer than 20 bases.

Synthesis scale (µmol) RP-FCP purification RP-HPLC purification
0.01 µmol 2 N/A
0.04 µmol 5 2
0.2 µmol 12 6
1 µmol N/A 30
2 µmol N/A 50
5 µmol N/A 100
10 µmol N/A 170
25 µmol N/A 320