Oligo Ordering

The following tables provides information about ordering terms for different oligonucleotides.

Please contact Customer Service at eu@biosearchtech.com if you have any questions or cannot find the product you would like to order.

DNA Oligo RP-FCP Purified

Synthesis Scale Purification Min no. of Bases Max no. of Bases Guaranteed Yield
10 nmol RP-FCP 15 28 2 OD
40 nmol RP-FCP 5 50 5 OD
200 nmol RP-FCP 5 50 12 OD
  • Ordered before 10 am shipped within 3 business day
  • 15-50 base pair
  • Unmodified
  • Can be delivered in Plates, Min. 48 oligoes, e-mail order, ask Customer Care.
  • Express orders, ordered after 10 am, redution of one business day in production. Additional fee 27€ per oligo
  • Super-express orders, shipped same day/next day, order by e-mail, will be EtOH purified. Order before 11 am. Additional fee 54€ per oligo.

All RP-FCP products can be shipped in a fixed concentration according to the customer's needs.

Oligo Plates RP-FCP purified

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Synthesis Scale Min. Yield Length
40 nmol 2 OD 15-40 bases
  • Shipped within 4-7 business days
  • Minimum of 48 oligos per plate
  • Oligo length 15-40
  • Shipped in a normalized and lyophilised format
  • Shipped in 96 wells format
  • Unmodified
  • Order by e-mail. For direction file, horisontal, vertical, ask Customer Care.

DNA Oligo, HPLC Purified

Synthesis Scale Purification Min no. of bases Max no. of bases Guaranteed Yield
40 nmol RP-HPLC 5 75 1 OD
200 nmol RP-HPLC 5 75 6 OD
1 µmol RP-HPLC 5 75 30 OD
2 µmol RP-HPLC 5 75 50 OD
  • Shipped within 5-6 working days
  • If you add Modifications you must choose HPLC purification
  • Some modifications or products takes longer time.

The yield in OD of a modified oligo will vary depending on the modification and the construction of the oligonucleotides.


Shipping and Handling

We charge 85 DKK/11,41 EUR per order for handling.

  • All shipments are insured by LGC Biosearch Technologies according to DAP (INCOTERMS 2010)

Courier shipment:

  • LGC Biosearch use courier for all shipments. You won't pay extra for this service (within EU) - only the shipping/handling fee.
  • Shipments outside EU: Courier price - ask for price.

Contact Information

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